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Primary Health Care services offered by Incon Health

primary health care

The fundamental aspects of primary health care is to educate workers in safety and health, self-care and healthy lifestyle for prevention of disease
and promotion of good health

Primary health care involves providing treatment for common illnesses, the management of long term disorders such as diabetes, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and the prevention of future ill-health through advice, immunisation and screening programmes. At Incon Health, our aim is to provide an easily accessible route to primary healthcare, whatever the patient’s problem. Primary health care is based on caring for people rather than specific diseases. This means that professionals working in healthcare are generalists, dealing with a broad range of physical, psychological and social problems, rather than specialists in any particular disease area.

Minor ailments
Occupational health care clinics can be used for employees suffering from minor ailments or work-related injuries. By working with employers, the clinics help to avoid the cost of losing productivity whilst workers are off sick.

The clinic will have hands-on knowledge of the worker’s primary health care requirements.

Please note however, that workers should be encouraged to visit their doctor for treatment of more serious medical conditions.

These offer monitoring, treatment and education to workers with specific conditions. Individual patient plans, treatment schedules and consultation dates will be developed. The clinics deal with issues such as family planning, hypertension and stress.

Incon Health assists in the process of infection control in areas such as housekeeping, kitchen and ablution facilities.

Provides employees with information on issues such as:

  • HIV/AIDS and STDs
  • Tuberculosis
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Hygiene
  • Weight management

By providing prompt, on-site primary health care, Incon Health can help you to maintain a healthy and productive workforce.