Occupational Safety

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The objective of Occupational Safety is to assist you in the following:

Occupational Safety

Incon Health provides Occupational Safety services that assist in attaining compliance with all safety regulations and promote health and safety in the work environment

  • Compliance with all Safety Regulations
  • Investigation of incidents/injuries
  • Identification of unsafe work environment
  • Preparation for Department of Labour investigations

The role of Occupational Health and Safety Officers is to:

  • Promote Health and Safety in an organisation
  • Recognise hazards
  • Measure risks
  • Establish suitable safety controls
  • Make recommendations to managers and employees about avoiding accidents in the workplace

The objectives of Incon Health and Occupational Safety Services are as follows:

  • To guide and direct on development and administration of Health and Safety programmes and work practices.
  • Advise management to ensure compliance with OHSA Safety Standards.
  • Develop and administer training to enable workers to carry out their jobs safely.
  • Provide technical guidance on Occupational Safety.
  • Assist in preparation for Department of Labour investigations and audits by private Risk Control auditing companies.
  • Full investigation of incidents, injuries or unsafe conditions.
  • Assist in planning, coordination and implementation of emergency procedures/business contingency planning.
  • Ensure compliance with statutory legislation, internal polices and procedures.