HIV/AIDS Support

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HIV/AIDS Yearly Activity Plan

To effectively manage HIV/AIDS requires continuous training and support.

Our programme offers a range of activities to keep your staff informed about HIV/AIDS. These run over a 12-month period to ensure constant awareness.

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HIV Care

Making a positive difference to your affected employees

“I don’t have medical aid to provide the necessary support and medication. I still need to work and stay healthy enough to look after my family – how will I cope?”

“What are my responsibilities as an employer towards HIV Positive employees?”

These are just two of the questions many South Africans face daily. The HIV Care programme is a simple, cost effective means of ensuring that your employees are cared for, enabling them to remain productive and healthy. This means they can contribute to your business and look after their families.

For HIV positive employees the programme focuses on education, thereby allowing the affected person to take responsibility and control – working with the medical team to manage the disease.

Effective, proactive disease management means the affected employee returns to work as soon as possible, is retained for as long as possible and given assistance when they are unable to work.

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HIV/AIDS Training Programmes

The HIV/AIDS pandemic affects everyone. However, the disease is preventable and manageable given the proper knowledge, something Incon Health’s HIV Intervention Programme can provide to your business.

Peer Counsellor

Peer counselling is where people provide each other with knowledge, experience and practical help. People from all walks of life meet as equals to give each other support on a reciprocal basis.

The course trains people to be able to effectively support their peers in HIV/AIDS – related issues. The Course lasts for 3 days and is supplemented by a quarterly review newsletter.

Peer Educator

Peer education utilises the influence people can have on each other. With HIV intervention, peers educate their colleagues in such a way as to bring about changes in attitude and behaviour. This can happen at individual or community level.

Peer education doesn’t involve outside professionals. It is informal and involves communication and participation-based learning methods. It is cost-effective and culturally appropriate.

The course lasts for 4 days. Educators also undergo one-day refresher training and there is also a quarterly news review.