Disease Management Programmes

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What is WAKE® Disease and Disability Management?

Our aim with Disease & Disability Management is to get an affected employee back to work as soon as possible, retain the employee for as long as possible and assist in cases where a person is unable to work. Disease Management Programmes are designed to help empower people, in collaboration with physicians and other health care providers, to effectively manage their condition(s) and associated risk factors.

Key definitions

Disease Management Programmes

Disease Management Programmes are designed to help empower people to effectively manage their conditions and associated risk factors.

Disability: A physical or mental infirmity/condition/sickness/injury that makes a person incapable of performing his or her own occupation or similar occupation.

Disease: An abnormal condition of the body or mind that causes discomfort or dysfunction.

Disease Management

This area addresses diseases especially in cases where it is importent to maintain an optimal health status in terms of the job specifications. The following areas will receive focus:

  • Chronic disease – e.g. Diabetes, Heart related conditions, Blood Pressure, HIV and more
  • Progressive disease – e.g. Cancer, Lupus
  • Conditions impacting on work performance

Provactive Incapacity Management

This area applies itself to chronic or terminal cases which are uncontrolled. It can also be used as a reassessment tool in cases of incapacity to fulfill job specifications, due to medical reasons. The product assists the Employer with legislative accountability regarding disability or alternative accommodative work placement.

Our Disease Management Programmes provide high-quality and personalized services designed to meet the unique challenges of every individual.

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