Our management team has years of experience coupled with relevant qualifications to provide the best occupational health and safety services and solutions possible. We believe in continuous development and our staff members are up to date with the most relevant courses and information available.

Managing Member
Christo Crous (Hons. B.Comm. Hons B (B&A))

Member and Head of Operations
Charmagne L Crous (Hons.B.Nursing Science. RN, RM, RNE, RCHN, ROHN)

Operations Manager
Madelein van Rooyen (B Cur. RNE, RNCH, RN Geront., RNOH, RN Ped. RM, RN)

Marianne Marais (RN, RM, OHNP)

Lucretia Thomas (B.Nursing Science. RM, BCUR. RNE, RCHN, ROHN, Registered Facilitator, Moderator and Assessor)

Nico Potgieter (RN, RCHN, ROHN, SDR)

Uvain Burger (Hons B.Soc.Sc (Nursing) RN, RM, RPN, RCN, RNE, RNM, RPHC, ROHN)

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