Our Philosophy

Making the most of our symbiotic relationship.

When many people hear the word ‘symbiosis’, their initial reaction is to reach for a dictionary. When they do so, they will see that it is defined as ‘interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both.’

Mother Nature’s ability to promote and sustain symbiotic relationships is essential to the very existence and survival of all forms of life on our planet.

Think of the little oxpecker bird which can often be seen hitching a ride on the backs of the rhinoceros or zebra. The bird feasts on the parasites which plague the animals, thus helping to keep them free of disease. In return for his meal he also provides ‘in-house security’ for his hosts by flying into the air and screaming a warning in the event of danger.

Or how about the symbiotic relationship that the hermit crab has with the sea anemone? The sea anemone attaches itself to the shell of the crab, and gets transported along the sea floor collecting food. In return, the anemone’s stinging tentacles provide protection to the crab.

In both examples, the parties concerned are working together, naturally

Symbiosis is the very ethos of what Incon Health is all about. The interaction we have with our clients means that we support them, allowing them not only to survive, but also to flourish. Without our clients, Incon Health would not have a reason to be, we simply cannot survive unless we take good care of our clients.

In order to empower our staff to deliver an even better service, we focus on our five core values:

Ethics. Professionalism. Excellence. Integrity. Objectivity.

These are the values that we live by – values which enable us to bring out the best in ourselves for the benefit of our clients.

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